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IT Consulting

PJC Services specializes in recommending hardware upgrade paths based on current systems and future needs.
  • We analyze the information and processing needs of our clients, then research and recommend products and services that will help achieve the goals of the client.
  • We help determine a web site’s potential, provide all services for site developement and on-going promotion and maintenance and provide Internet Marketing and Electronic Commerce strategies.
  • We provide Advertising and Marketing consulting for businesses including Mobile Marketing solutions and we guarantee improvements or YOU DON’T PAY!  Call or e-mail for more details.
  • Hardware analysis and subsequent recommendations: $89/hr
  • Troubleshooting of hardware and software via phone/fax/e-mail: $35/incident
  • In-house hardware/software hourly service rate: $95/hr
  • On-site hardware/software hourly service rate: $119/hr + travel
  • General IT Consulting: $95/hr
  • Analyzing information and processing needs: $95/hr
  • Internet Marketing and Electronic Commerce Consulting: $95/hr
  • Web Site Development hourly rate: $129/hr
  • Advertising & Marketing Consulting:
    Fee or commission-based on a per client basis

To request an appointment or competitive quote, please call or e-mail us.

PJC Services
512 Northampton St.t
Edwardsville, PA 18704

Phone: 570.288.3536
Toll Free: 888.284.5990
E-mail: pjc@pjcservices.com