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We live in a constantly evolving technological society enamored with social media and social marketing…

Every day it seems that a new technology comes along that people immediately gravitate to.  I’m not sure if it’s the need to get the next “new shiny toy” before anyone else, or if it is a reflection on our society and our lack of attention span.  It used to be that we were able to get along just fine with the standard tools of technology – a computer, monitor and printer along with a web browser, email and office suite programs to get our work done.

That simple setup has changed dramatically with the ever-increasing presence of social media applications and mobile devices.

Case in point…I just became aware of yet another app for your smart phone that allows you to broadcast live video to anyone willing to watch you doing whatever it is that you do.  This new app is called Periscope and it is pretty neat…so long as you provide something of value and your target audience is willing to watch!

Some people will put just about anything out there – I mean, really – who wants to watch someone napping?!

Just as there are many things that produce zero value, there are many that can provide solid value to the right audience. Want to check out a foreign country?  Simply find someone on vacation where you want to visit and watch them go.  Looking for a tour backstage?  Find someone that is with your favorite artist and see what you can find.  Want to learn how to do something in real-time?  It’s as simple as locating someone demonstrating it for their audience.

We live in a never-ending sea of technology that gets deeper and more involved in our lives with each passing day.  Our lives are on public display for the whole world to see if we desire it – it could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Periscope…or whatever the next new app is.  People love to show others what is going on in their lives, and other people love to watch it.  Just look at “Reality TV” and you know what I mean.

Love it or hate it, these forms of social technology are part of a much larger social experiment with a large population on this planet and it makes the world we live in smaller and smaller with each passing day.  Using social technology in our personal lives can help entertain us and pass some time, but using social technology to help grow our businesses is a bit more complex.

If you are interested in learning more about the latest ways that social technology can help build your business, give us a call…yes a CALL and we will actually talk to you!

How’s that for different in today’s era of Texting, Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting and now Periscoping?

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