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Web Site Promotion

PROMOTION – Included services with web package

  • Provide extensive research into optimal SEO for your company’s products and services
  • Optimize keywords, customize page titles and descriptions, use alternative image text, and submit customized pages to the 8 major search engines
  • Register your site with over 100 other search engines
  • Integrate social media into your site (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Optional marketing services – $195

  • Register your domain name with approximately 1500 search engines
  • Enter your site’s information with 1000 of the most popular classified ad sites
  • Sign up your e-mail account with several popular e-zines dedicated to marketing on-line
  • Create a complete web site promotion program using some of the most sophisticated software available on a quarterly basis and generate quarterly reports on the status of your site on the different search engines
  • Create a detailed analysis of cost-per-click advertsing on Google and Facebook to help in determining feasibility of pay-per-click advertising for your company